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Music streams to install on your own virtual land or to listen to in Real Life.

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How to setup music for your land

If you've got the permission to edit your land settings you can setup you own music stream.
  • Go to the pull-down menu "World" at the top of your client screen and choose the item "About Land".
  • In the "About Land" window open the "Media" folder.
  • Copy a stream URL from this (or another) website and paste it completely into the "Music URL" line.
  • Click the music control off and on to refresh the settings.
Enjoy! :)


Little Nepal

My tribute to the most beautiful country in the world.

Little Nepal was a small piece of characteristical Nepalese landscape on half a sim. There were Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries, a trekking path, the Little Nepal Museum, many cosy spots to relax and the Yak & Yeti mainstore.

Due to the new Openspace policy of Linden Lap I had to destroy the terrain and to close the shop. Only snapshots are remaining.

Enjoy life! Jaya Nepal!

A Nepalese Stupa made of Mani Stones. That's a Buddhist sanctuary with relic inside - always walk around clockwise!

That's a Nepalese water mill. Buddhist Mantras (prayers) will be spread by the rotation of the prayer wheels.

A Nepalese Stupa with Tara. It's a Buddhist sanctuary, dedicated to the female Buddha of compassion.

In the characteristical Nepalese lodge in the mountain you'll find the Yak & Yeti mainstore.

View from the balcony of the mountain logde.

Impression of the trekking route arround the Machapuchare. Take a rest and meditate.

A Nepalese Yak. A long-haired bovine, living in the Himalayan mountains up to an altitude of 5000 meters.

The Ganesha Shrine. A little temple of elephant-headed Hindu godness Ganesha, popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles.

Jungle impression, including a statue of Ganesha's rat, the Vahana (Hindu vehicle) of Lord Ganesha.

The Nepalese Tea House. Have a rest, enjoy a typical Nepalese meal and drink a glass of tasty milktea.

The Gate of Ratna Park, a building in Kathmandu, showing Hindu symbols.

Inside the Tea House. Touch the "DANCE" bar and enjoy dancing to nice bollywood music!

View from the Little Nepal Museum to the Tea House and the Ratna Park gate.

Inside the Little Nepal Museeum you'll find some informations about the destination Nepal.