Indian Lengha Style

Set of three shiny satin dresses in shimmery colors. Each embroidered blouse comes with long and with short sleeves.

Nice match
» Bollywood Jewellery
» Glass Bangles
» Bindis

The lengha is a traditional Indian garment worn originally by Indian women from the state of Rajasthan. It's composed of a blouse (choli) and a long skirt.


Satin Gown

Elegant evening dress made of shiny red satin and black velvet. Miscellaneous wearable.


Tai Chi Suit

Comfortable Tai Chi outfit made of dark smooth silk. A pleasant suit for sport and leisure.

Tai Chi Chuan is a health-benefiting soft technique of Chinese martial art.


"S-Bahn Munich" T-Shirts

Shirt set for girls and men that supports the suburban railway in Munich Sl.

Where to wear
»» Munich SL


Munich SL is a nice and very detailed German sim with Bavarian (southern German) ambiance. The suburban railway ("S-Bahn") is really working.


Lucky Landmark travel clothes

Comfortable all-weather clothing that supports a travel agency.

Lucky Landmark is a travel agency in Salzburg, where you'll find free landmark collections.


Second Travel Edition

Sporty jacket and shirt set that supports a German weblog.

» Second Travel is an enjoyable German weblog, introducing virtual travel destinations. Mostly written by busdriver Nuschi Martynov, sometimes written by me. :) . BTW, Fahrgast means passenger.


Namaste and Welcome

to Yak & Yeti!

Yak & Yeti shops are freebie stores. The clothing, the jewellery, even the shop furniture are for free. I give my best to create high quality products. Because a newbie, too, should be able to afford some pretty and special stuff.
I´m happy to share my creations with you. If you would like to give a little donation you are free to use the box. I´m glad about that. But don´t be shy to take whatever you like without paying. Just enjoy your stay at Yak & Yeti and have a good time with your new garment.

For a non-commercial virtual life and nice looking avatars! :)

Have fun!

(My trusty yak and me at beautiful »» Bodhi.)

BTW, most of the shop pictures where made at »» Tuscany.
The Bollywood theme pics are from »» Bollywood.
Some pictures arose at »» WWF.
Others where made at »» Bodhi.


The homes of Yak & Yeti

There are two Yak & Yeti shops, one large mainstore and a small one in Munich:

» Mainstore | large Yak & Yeti shop on nice Terrano

» München | little shop in amazing realistic Munich City